Thursday, December 12, 2002

Morning Musings-I'm still getting used to the concept of a Southern Christmas season. It brings a good chuckle when some of the secular seasonal songs, such as Let it Snow or Winter Wonderland, come over the radio. This morning was a good example of "what's wrong with this picture." I'm bringing in a plate of brownies for the Business School Christmas party from the car (thanks, hun-I do most of the cooking at Chez Byron, but Eileen owns the baking concession) this morning in mid-60-degree weather while a pair of sandhill cranes come a-honking noisily in from the southeast to land in the marshy area just south of the parking lot. Toto, I don't think we're in Michigan anymore. Jason Steffens lays out the case against Pete Rose's reinstatement to baseball. I agree with the basic premise, but would be willing to consider lifting the ban if he made a proper acknowledgement and apology, something Rose has yet to do. Jason points out a good, if a bit cold, rant from Rob Neyer on the topic. NORAD, prepare for the left to go ballistic. Dubya's signing an executive order allowing federal contracts to go to religious organizations while still allowing those organization to hire on theological grounds. I'll look forward to seeing what the Catholic bloggers do with this one, but the media's making a big deal over the (seemingly center-left) Voice of the Faithful calling for Cardinal Law's removal. I'm wondering what took VOTF this long. The bigger story seems to be the number of priests who are calling for his removal-sounds a bit like insubordination to me.

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