Sunday, December 22, 2002

Morning Musings-I'm not sure I'm getting this Patty Murray faux pas praising Al Qaeda's humanitarian work. Sulik (oh, now that Joy is Blogging, I'll have to specify William) gives the McKinney award to her, pointing out the Peace Corps work. Where is the liberal Blogosphere on this one? Will they flood the zone to denounce such a igonrant statement like the conservative Blogosphere was on Lott? Nah. Some interesting billboards on the way home. One from the Tennessee Baptists praised the state for voting down a proposed state lottery. Two signs from some adventist-group ranting about the mark of the beast being enforced Sunday worship (ranks up on my list of signs, sure). A new Chick-Fil-A 3D painting-cow sign (Next summer, I suggest getting one of the cows on a personal watercraft and call it the ChickCowSki). A new sign north of Flint for Thumb MRI-great, we've taken medical specialization to its extreme. "Go next door to get your fingers checked"(For you non-Michiganders, the Thumb is the area north and east of Flint) .

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