Thursday, December 26, 2002

Morning Musings-Bloggin' from Grandma Pedersen's living room chair. Our Christmas Tour 2002 took us to Rockford last night, after a nice gift orgy with my parents and my sister's family. A highlight was a picture session with little Tyler, who had on an red overall shorts outfit I wore for my first Christmas four decades ago. Didn't last long; a excess of throughput caused a quick change. The trip down to Rockford was too easy; Christmas evening meant an absence of truckers from I-94 and I-80 and the weather was near-perfect. Midland had gotten a couple inches of snow Chirstmas morning, but Rockford missed the big dump that pass through to the south of here. Laptops are nice; I'm blogging from my new laptop in Grandma's living room. That makes being the first person up a lot less awkward. __________________ This is why I don't want to ask for a white Christmas, you might get a Christmas nor'easter. It's also a good reason to beat a hasty retreat back to Florida this weekend, where a wet Christmas dumped two inches of rain. Castro's got a streph infection on his leg from a bug bite. Wouldn't it be wierd if that is the way he finally meets his Maker.

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