Tuesday, December 17, 2002

More Midday Musings-"TAG HIM AND BAG HIM"?-C'mon Bryan, show a little respect for the dead. Good, you won't make long pig out of him. That's some respect, at least. I'll grade exams later, but now, I'm going domestic, doing two loads of laundry and making a trial batch of "Chex" Mix. The first batch is using semi-stale store brand stuff, but I got the real deal ($1.99 special at Kash and Karry, why not the real stuff?) ready for when I get the seasoning perfected. I'm scrapping seven Christmases of rust of that part of my culinary playbook; I did some for myself when I was in grad school, but hadn't made any since getting my Ph.D. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Bacteria-A Marine recruit was killed by a flesh-eating strep in San Diego who died a few hours after going to the doctor for a bad rash, over 100 other recruits were affected. Sorry for the bad subtitle, but the B-minus movie classic was filmed in San Diego; even the KGB Chicken got a cameo in.

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