Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Minor Cost Overruns Up North-Bene Diction went to town on this already, but this story out of Canada of a gun registry list that wound up costing a billion dollars (even with the battered Loonie, that's still a big chunk of change) is a cautionary tale to remember when thinking about any crime/terrorism fighting databases that Mr. Ridge might have in mind. The C$2,000,000 initial price tag was but a fond memory. This shouldn't be a spot for getting on the second-amendment high-horse but on a government-oversight steed. If the new Department of Homeland Security wants to make some database, make sure they lay out the costs and parameters very clearly. The current Liberal regime was asleep at the switch and the opposition will have plenty of fun going after this debacle. If the Canadian right can stop the fratricide for a bit, they might have a shot of taking over in 2004.

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