Friday, December 20, 2002

Midnight Musings-Did everyone take off for Christmas early? My hit counter didn't break 100 yesterday, the first workday since July that didn't hit three figures for unique hits. Maybe all my college student readers are either swamped with finals or packing to go home for Christmas. I'll be heading north later today (I'm wired at the moment, so I'll blog myself to sleep), picking Eileen up at her new job in Lakeland and getting a 5-hour drive in, then finish the job of getting to Midland Saturday. We're spending Christmas with my parents, then driving to Rockford, IL on Christmas night to spend a couple of days at my grandma-in-law's for Eileen's clan's Christmas. Blogging will be sporadic during the next week, but probably more than you'd expect. How come when I here "material breech," I expect to hear "Capt'n, we need ta jettison da warp core!" If Powell is on board, the next stop is the UNSC; getting the French on board will be the trick. It looks like Bill Frist's hat is in the ring as a possible replacement for Lott. Stick a fork in Trent, Joe. He's only medium rare? Give him a couple of more days to cook. Governor Frank Murkowski will name the replacement for Senator Murkowski later today, it's expected to be Senator Murkowski. As in current state rep and first daughter Lisa Murkowski.

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