Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Midday Musings-Saw my first, and likely last, Wellstone! (like Lamar!) sticker on my way back from work just now; The car with Minnesota plates wasn't quite a limousine liberal (it was a Hyundai Sonata), but a Minnesotan with enough money to winter in Florida. Laptops are nice. I just got done proctoring my Macro final, and was able to write the Education and Anti-homosexuality<>Bigotry posts while keeping the young 'ens honest. I was able to sneak in a game of pinball (sound muted) as well; I missed the game that was on Win95's Plus package but not on Win98's. They're already taking side-bets on who would be Lott's replacement if he decided to throw a snit and step down. Former Ag Secretary/Congressman Mike Espy, state AG (and tobacco lawsuit frontman) Mike Moore and outgoing congressman Ronnie Shows are on the short list. Shows would be the safest bet as a moderate who's not tainted by scandal. Moore reminds me a bit too much of John Edwards (the crusading lawyer thing) to sell in a Senate election and Espy was put on trial for getting a few too many goodies from Tyson Foods; Espy was acquitted, but the Tyson stuff would be good attack ad fodder. Side point that you've likely seen-if Lott resigns by the end of the month, a special election would be called within 90 days, while a 2003 resignation would allow a replacement (made by Democratic Gov. Musgrove) to serve until a special election in November.

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