Friday, December 13, 2002

Midday Musings-It's the end of the semester-just got done with the last regular class session of the term; exams are Monday and Tuesday of next week. Everyone say Amen! The students weren't exactly happy campers, with a bad case of end-of-termitis compounded by an oppressive patch of rain that's all but turned the quad between my office and the Student Center into an extention of the Everglades; we're under a tornado watch 'til noon. A 24-point curve on the last pre-final Personal Finance exam didn't help matters; I gave them a too-detailed exam on investments and saw quite a few crash-and-burns. The Pope allowed Cardinal Law to pack it in, as expected. I'm suprised it took this long. The Pope's appointed Bishop Richard Lennon as the acting head of the Boston archdiocese. Would the restroom in the Bishop's office be the Lennon John? This is precious--North Korea accusing the US of piracy over their Scud boat. First of all, wasn't it the Spanish who snagged it? Second, after admitting to kidnapping Japanese folks, I'm not sure they're exactly holding the moral high ground. The supply-siders would prefer Milton or even David, but they're stuck with Stephen Friedman as the new head of the National Economic Council. His work with the deficit-hawk Concord Coalition makes some people uncomfortable with the pick, hoping for someone who's more a fan of tax cuts. It depends on what form the hawkishness comes from. If he holds the lid on spending, that's not bad, but if they start to look to repeal scheduled tax cuts, as Democrats would like, then we could be in for a brawl.

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