Monday, December 16, 2002

Midday Musings-Da Doctor's got a new play-thang-my new laptop just arrived while I was proctoring my Personal Finance final. That will allow me to do some blogging on the road when Eileen and I go north for Christmas. I can bum my dad's computer in Midland for posting, but this will allow me to surf and post from hotel rooms and Grandma-in-law's as well. Don Nickles is calling for a vote on Lott's leadership. How many other co-conspirators does he have? We'll find out. He must have quite a few, for you don't try and oust the King unless you think you can win. If you think bigotry is just a white thing, check this piece from the Great While North, where a First Nations (Canadian for Native American) leader, David Ahenakew, made some Nazieqsue statements about Jews. Care for a white sheet with that headdress? Lieberman's now talking openly about a run. "What was until yesterday only a possibility, an abstraction, this morning becomes a reality, a concrete reality, and it is an awesome opportunity, one to be taken with the greatest of seriousness{.}" Translation-"Hot diggity dog, the stiff decided to drop out! Now I can run!" It's getting less and less pretty done in Venezuela. "On national television, Mr Chavez said troops should ignore judges and court rulings and obey only presidential decrees." Doesn't that sound just a tad autocratic?

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