Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Majority Leader Trent Lott (1995-2002) R.I.P.
The news that Lott gave a comparable pro-Dixiecrat speech in 1980 should spell his demise. It will give the liberals more cause to brand him as insensitive to bigotry at best and racist at worst (and most likely). Daschle's done a 180 and has joined the chorus. While the liberals out there will disagree, I don't think Lott's significantly racist. However, he's insensitive to the issue of south's Jim Crow past and has failed to fully point out the downside of the Dixiecrats (no, spellchecker, not Dixie Rats, but close). This 1980 speech shows that it wasn't the first time he advocated the Dixiecrat cause, so the excuse that it was a slip of the tongue rings a bit more hollow today than it did this weekend. Here's the problem I see with the Daschle 180 on Lott; if the Democrats start flooding the zone, will the Republicans instinctively come to Lott's defense, or will they do damage control and show him the door? Ari Fleisher had to say that the president had confidence in Lott, but somehow that sounds like the vote of confidence that a GM gives to a head coach two weeks before he's fired.

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