Monday, December 02, 2002

Happy Birthday, Junkyard Blog-Bryan Preston's digs just turned one yesterday, and he has some remembrances. This part hit home-
It's been an interesting year, one in which writing has forced me to refine my views, change a position or two when the evidence warranted, and defend that which I saw being mistreated last year--my faith. It was that mistreatment, or rather mischaracterization, of my Christian faith in the blogosphere that sort of forced me into the game. I just couldn't sit idly by while so many lumped myself and my fellow Christians in with the murderers of 9-11 and those hoping to follow in their bloody footsteps. So I had to get in, offer what I could, counter what I knew to be false and clarify what I saw being misunderstood. I hope I've done that, and with grace and humility.
I'm a month away from my blog birthday; I was struck by the libertarian nature of the medium when I started. The evangelical front was rather limited, with Kevin Holtsberry, Chris Johnson and Ben Domenech heading up a very limited list of evangelical bloggers. This was before anyone had heard of Martin Roth or Bene Diction. By the summer, an evangelical blog community started to develop; a bit slower than a very-active Catholic sphere, but growing day by day. The big guns still tend to be libertarian-leaning, with Suzanna Cornett the only avowed evangelical in BlogStreet's Top 100 as we go to press. Johnson, Preston, Orrin Judd and Domenech crack the second 100 while Tony Woodlief, Joel Garver and some guy named Mark Byron crack the third hundred. That's eight out of 300 by my count; not representative of the number of evangelicals in the country. However, I've got a lot more evangelical (and Catholic) friends to back me up in a debate than I did eleven months ago, and that's a positive thing.

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