Friday, December 13, 2002

Evening Musings-Nice piece on Lott and cross-burning over at Blithering Idiot. I agree with his take on the issue of Lott and echo his sentiments on cross burning. I don't like Hannity's tone on this; when he tries to equate Lott's praise of Thurman with Clinton's praise of an equivalently segregationist Fullbright, he forgets that Clinton praised the man in general, while Lott's in deep doo-doo over supporting an avowedly racist campaign of 1948. Sulik has a good line that sticks with me "And Mark, with all due respect, I think the people of America can distinguish between a gaffe and a statement of support for intolerant way of life." I'm beginning to wonder if I can distinguish between them. Lott's pattern is to support intolerant people in his conservative sphere; distinguishing between supporting intolerant people and supporting intolerance is where I'm getting fuzzy. I would prefer that he step down voluntarily-it doesn't appear that he will, given this mea culpa this afternoon. I'm on the verge of a second 180 on the issue. Does fighting intolerance require getting rid of Lott as majority leader, allowing the Democrats to have a field day with the issue? Will it hurt the GOP in 2004. Yes. However, will it help the GOP for the very long haul to make that stand. Possibly. Tactically, it might be best to let him stay, but might it be better for the very long haul to get rid of him?

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