Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Evening Musings-Here's a handy gadget to have on a blog picnic-this Blogtracker gizmo via David Janes, which list recently-updated blogs on the blogroll of your choice-here's one of my blogroll. Do the Eagles need a cornerback? Check out John DiIulio's backpedaling and have Andy Reid give him a tryout. Has blogging jumped the shark? I don't know, but when Barbie's blogging, we're in trouble. Thank Sully for the link. This is interesting-"Mountain biking may be linked to infertility." So I'm not the only person to have their [you know what(s)] fall asleep while riding a bicycle? Louder Fenn's got a nice piece on a Farscape episode with a pro-life twist. Sci-Fi often can deal with that well-I remember a Next Generation episode of a scientist from planet of genetic-perfection deal with Jordy's non-functional eyes; he pointed out to them that he wouldn't have been born on their planet. JAG (Eileen's favorite) had a subtle pro-life pitch last week, with a officer-mom putting in a sincere and polite request for a pregnant officer to reconsider the abortion she was heading towards. There are pro-lifers, or at least people who don't view the unborn as a blob of protoplasm, in Hollywood.

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