Sunday, December 08, 2002

Dixiepublicans-I'm not sure quite what to think about this Trent Lott whopper of a faux pas (via Fritz Schranck), where he stated in a Strom Thurmond going-away party that he was proud Mississippi voted for him for president in 1948. Let's wind up the wayback machine and remember what the Dixiecrats were up to; they wanted to keep segregation in place. Would the world have been a better place with that redneck persona in place? It would have been unlikely that Thurmond would have gotten elected, so talking about him being President is near pointless; if Thurmond had gotten enough electoral votes to change "Dewey Defeats Truman" to "Dixiecrats Throw Election to House," you would have been more likely to see some sort of Truman-GOP coalition rather than have Truman kowtow to the Dixiecrats, given the anti-racism streak in Truman. Thurmond's racial attitudes improved over the years, but that's not a vote Mississippi should be proud of. What then to do with the speaker of such commentary? Would a couple of RINO protests block his election? All it would take is three Republicans to say "if you keep Lott as speaker, we're abstaining" or two active defectors to return us to Majority Leader Daschle. I think that might happen. If it doesn't, you'll have the attack ad to end all attack ads ready to rumble nationwide. If you show Lott the door, then the ad only plays when Lott runs for reelection. It's time to show him the door; the survival of the party might be at stake. Keeping in on board will turn him into a younger Thurmond or Helms and be as toxic to efforts of reaching out to blacks as Pete Wilson's Prop 187 push was to Hispanics.

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