Friday, December 13, 2002

Democratic Fun and Games-The Democrats haven't got rid of Terry McAuliffe yet, but the Florida Dems forced state party chair Bob Poe out, replacing him with Tallahassee mayor and AG primary candidate Scott Maddox. I haven't seen either of them in action, but Poe seems more of a technocrat while Maddox has a bit more bite and liberal fire in the belly. That could work to the Democrats advantage to have a party chair who can be a forceful spokesman, especially when they don't have any statewide state elected officials. However, that is a two-edged sword, if he puts his foot in it, the rest of the party's stuck playing damage control. The only thing more awkward that a Republican having to do a tax increase is a Democrat having to do budget cutting. Back up in my old stomping grounds, incoming Governor Granholm has a $1.5 billion deficit to deal with. She says she won't raise taxes, but I remember 20 years ago when a rookie Democratic governor (Jim Blanchard) came into office pledging not to raise taxes and flip-flopped when he saw the budget numbers. Should be fun to watch this winter.

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