Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Christmas Eve Wishes-For the few brave souls who are venturing onto the Web this Christmas Eve, may I wish you a Merry Christmas. May you not get "peopled out" by all the friends and family, or get disgusted at the orgy of gift-giving that many families will have. May you come up with a truthful but tactful response for the gifts that don't quite cut it. May you remember that "all you can eat" is an invitation and not a challenge. May you enjoy the bounty that you have and not get overwhelmed by any material excess. May you not play Scrooge, grumbling that the pagans invented Christmas as a mid-winter festival, only to have the church co-opt it long enough for the pagans to take it back. May you not grumble that Jesus was likely not born in December. May you remember that it is this day when we remember God sending a part of Himself down to prepare to die for us all. The blood and body that we celebrate at communion got its start as that baby in the manger.

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