Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Britblogs? I've Got Your Britblogs?-Colby Cosh wonders where the UK bloggers are;
If I were going to make a list of the twenty most gifted newspaper and magazine columnists alive, at least ten would be British. The same is true with English-speaking novelists, I daresay. The British, at every class level, have a facility with language and irony that shames us colonials through and through; to take an obvious example, the number of British politicians who have written books, really sat down and written books which are sold under their own names, is twenty times the number of American ones. Easily. Yet any list of the twenty best weblogs would contain, at most, two or three UK sites.
At 60 million, the UK is a fifth of the size of the US and only about 15% of the Anglosphere, so 10-15% of the good blogs would be about right. If you adjust for the libertarian nature of the Blogosphere and the more socialist leanings of the UK, 10% would be an accomplishment. There are quite a few good UK bloggers. Natalie Solent and Samizdata (international but UK-centric) come quickly to mind, as does Airstrip One and the late, great Dodgeblog. Going a bit outside my daily-or-so rounds, you'll get the Edge of England's Sword, Muslimpundit and the Oxford based Oxblog. That's just a 10-minute quick-'n-dirty before bed. Feel free to add more.

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