Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Blogosphere Musings-I found this piece from Suzanna Cornett on leaving mail in your car interesting, and not just for the idea that a enterprising thief will know that you're at work, where you live and that you're not at home. However, check out this passage
If the thief is quite clever, he might also make the connection that there's more likelihood that no one is at home if the mail belongs to a woman. Not many house-husbands, Lileks notwithstanding.
The matter-of-fact reference to Lileks was interesting. He's not a household name nationally, but he is a household name in the Blogosphere for being one of the better and wittier writers around. She was safe in assuming that we all knew him. There is a community developing of intellectual-leaning folks around the world with its own lingo (permalink, fisking, idiotarian) and heroes, and it's interesting to see it develop. Might this turn into a new form of old-boy network? We have a network of lawyers, college professors, political professionals and other savvy folks that could be drawn upon for future administrations and future campaigns. Let's fast-forward four years to Christmastime 2006, just before the 2008 Invisible Primary kicks into full gear. The conservative wing of the Blogosphere coalesces around a candidate. I can quickly think of quality contacts to start campaigns in Deleware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsyvania, Tennessee and Virginia. If such a cadre of people got behind a candidate and were able to drum up support amongst the others bloggers and readers that might join us in the next four years, you could see a blog-inspired presidential run. Not that this will happen, but if the Blogosphere flooded the zone for an otherwise obscure governor or senator, could they make the difference in getting a campaign into a viable status? [Update 12-12 10AM-Ruffini does a excellent riff off of this piece. He rightly added that we have girls in this cyber-old-boy network; that's one phrase that's hard to make gender-neutral, old-kids network doesn't quite do it. If he didn't refer you here first, go and read it]

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