Monday, December 23, 2002

Blogger Bowl 2k3 Update-It looks like the upstart Florida Blogistas are heading for the finals, besting the Hokie Pundit's Fighting Gobblers 78-49 going into MNF's Tampa Bay-Pittsburgh game. Mr. Bauer has Martin Gramatica going for the Gobblers, but besting Keyshawn by 29 for the evening will be a tall order unless Gramatica starts chanelling Paul Horning and starts doubling at tailback. Bring on the San Juan Pirates. Last week's upset of the Asylum Idiots had fallout in the loser's bracket. Kevin was licking his chops, planning to get his Pigskit to dump the Blogistas again, but got stuck with a onery bunch of Idiots not wanting to get their kiester's whupped two weeks in a row. He's down 51-37 going into MNF, and the McCardell-TB defence matchup isn't that promicing. 160 yards and two TDs in a 37-35 shootout? Possible but not likely. Sorry, Kev. Go get 'em for seventh place.

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