Monday, December 02, 2002

Afternoon Musings--The UofM's affirmative action policy will hit the Supreme Court, as they've skipped over the appellate level in a rare move. Put WWJD aside, it's WWSD time; what will Sandra do on a policy that gives minorities a break over Anglo-Europeans. That will change the political landscape when this gets decided, and it will likely be a 5-4 job. 6-3 conservative or 6-3 liberal is possible, but be ready for some fireworks on the left if this goes 5-4 against Michigan. As a Michigan State alum, I was tempted to use "Let's Go Blow" as a headline, but it didn't work when a Texas sodomy law was also granted cert today. Day one of the Venezuelan general strike is going peacefully so far; the backers are citing high numbers (80% walkoffs) while the government is giving low numbers(15%). A few more days will be more instructive. Is there anything on Norm Coleman in the news today? I got a couple of Google hits for affair-related stuff, but the Keillor-inspired rumors haven't been more than that to the best of my knowledge. While I'm on the Google front-back on Election Day, I had referred to "turduckin," prompting a lot of hits over the Thanksgiving holiday looking for the dish. Sorry, folks, it's rightly spelled "turducken" with an e. As I understand it, it's a chicken stuffed into a duck then the duck stuffed into a turkey. I spelled it phonetically, not remembering that the last syllable would have been from chicken; but then again, so did you. The Indians that I followed as a doctoral student are now all-but-gone with Jim Thome leaving for Philly-thanks to Kevin for the update. Visquel is about the only guy left from the mid-90s.

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