Monday, December 23, 2002

Afternoon Musings-I'm a germ-bag today, having come down with a sinus infection yesterday. I managed to get into my old alergist (who doubles as my amoxicillin supplier when I get my yearly bout of bronchitis) this morning. Eileen's making the rounds of her gal-pals in metro Midland without me while I treat myself with amoxicillin and Tex-Mex Penicillin (a.k.a. chili). President Bob Graham? I don't think so. However, he might just be nominatable. As a Floridian, he could rack up some delegates on Super Tuesday and be a playa. He also might be more nominatable than Lieberman, who'd he be fighting for on the DLC side of the party. However, he might be getting some free press leading up to a Senate run in 2004; when you're a "potential presidential candidate" you get more chances to speak than when you're just a Senator. Majority Leader Frist? Now that the Lott fiasco is largely history, we could look to see what Charming Billy could do in the post. He's got a track record of being a moderate conservative. Two instance stand out in my mind. If I recall correctly, he had a stem-cell research proposal that was close to what the President decided on, neither of which pleased more staunch pro-lifers. The other less-than-conservative position was on Henry Foster, the failed Surgeon General nominee. The Nashville OB-GYN (and occasional abortionist) got the support of his fellow doctor and homey in the Senate when other conservatives were going after Foster's flippant attitude over abortion. This pragmatic (others will have less kind adjectives) attitude will allow him to put together some cloture-enabling deals with moderate Democrats. He might just be a good combination of solid conservatve along with some Bob Dole-esque wurstmeister deal-making. Arresting striking oil workers? If Chavez does that, he'll have a PR nightmare on his hands. However, this thing's gone on for two weeks with neither side backing down; don't be suprised to have a OAU (translation-US) contingent in country to break up a civil war by Valentine's Day. After Christmas, it could get ugly.

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