Saturday, December 07, 2002

Adventures in Shopping-Did a lot of Christmas shopping today, mostly for Eileen's clan, although we did get a cute yellow ducky sleeper for nephew Tyler. Got further exposed to Thomas Kincade stuff today, as one of the gift shops we went through had a lot of his stuff. I can see why average folks like him and art snobs might not; he's got a homey touch to his stuff that's a touch impressionistic but clearly shows the small-town Americana he's covering. Lots of cutsey stuff as well. A few favorites -- Christmas napkin with Santa at a restaurant. Response to waiter-"Anything but milk and cookies." -- Same display rack with Wise Men in front of a Welcome to France sign-"Nice shortcut!" -- Birthday card with Chihuahua-sized dog sitting in big dog-food dish labeled Killer. Inner caption-"Happy birthday, you animal!" -- This wasn't in today's trip, but I saw a baby in a cammo "onesie", captioned "Pee all that you can pee." After shopping and going to an open house, we went walking in the nice subdivision behind our apartment complex. One of the streets is Sea Pines Run, which prompts the reflexive response, "Run, Pines, Run!!" That reminds me of this I saw in our old computer store

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