Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Updates-Florida-We've got recount-bait in the Thurman-Brown-Waite race, Thurman's has got a 250 vote lead, a 47-47 tie, with 88% in. Kathleen Harris is cruising to a 55-45 win. Jeb's cruising 58-41. Up in Georgia-Chambliss is pulling a 50-48 lead-good summary here at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution site-with 10% in. Sununu's hanging onto a 50-47 lead in New Hampshire with 26% in. Elizabeth Dole's got a 10% lead and the AP has called it per Fox TV. Talent's holding to a 51-48 lead in Missouri, but Lautenburg seems to be cruising to a 10% win. Cornyn's cruising in Taxes.

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