Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Time to Fact-Check A couple of errors cropped up in their election reporting. This Fox piece has made avowed socialist Bernie Sanders a conservative
Since Republicans outnumber Democrats by only 223 to 208 in the chamber, only six seats need to change hands for the Democrats to win control. There is one independent who votes with the GOP, plus three vacant seats formerly held by Democrats
Only if the vote is unanamous, ma'am. The second mistake came in the Washington Post's description of the Independence Party in Minnesota.
Barkley, 52, is one of Ventura's closest advisers and a co-founder of the state's third-party movement. He helped persuade Ventura to run for governor in 1998 and managed his campaign. He ran twice for the Senate as an independent and, while losing, drew enough votes to put Ventura's Independence Party -- which grew out of Ross Perot's Reform Party -- on the ballot.
The Independence Party pre-dated the Reform Party. They later hooked up with the Reform party, only to withdrawl after the Buchanan mess of 1999/2000.

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