Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Time to Digest It All-The Senate went just as I thought it would, with SD, MN and MO all going Republican in nail-biters, losing Arkansas and winning Georgia in the big surprise for everyone else (even I didn’t expect the margin), but Landrieu did a bit worse than I expected, so my Ben prediction of 53 seats is still in play. The Republicans picked up seats in the House (the AP has it at 227 for a +4) as well and seem to be heading to no worse than a 25-25 split on governors. The Democrats have some governor races to crow about, grabbing Republican seats along the Great Lakes in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin, as well as Tennessee, Kansas and Oklahoma (darn, those Largent '08 stickers won't come in useful). However, the Republican trend in the south continued with wins in South Carolina, Georgia and maybe Alabama. The breakthroughs in Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Hawaii were helpful as well. South Dakota is a real squeaker-Thune has just under a 200 vote lead. That will give full employment for election lawyers; they can slide over from Minnesota, where Coleman’s margin is bigger than expected. So could the Oregon gubernatorial race, where the Republican is trailing by only 2600 votes with a quarter still to be counted.

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