Saturday, November 16, 2002

Tempus Doth Fugit-Bloggedy Blog noted that the Class of 2003 for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame includes the Clash, the Police and Elvis Costello. I'm largely out of the contemporary music loop these days, with my six FM buttons on my car radio going to four Christian channels, the local NPR outlet and a "smooth jazz" (more like half instrumental jazz, half clean adult contemporary) channel. On occasion, as I did tonight, I'll channel-surf a little. Tonight, it hit the Clash's Rock the Casbah as I was pulling into the parking lot and I had to avoid the urge to sit in the car and listed to the conclusion of the song. I didn't know of the HoF nomination, and found it hard to believe that it's been 20 years already. It doesn't sound dated. The Police's induction brings an odd melancholy to me; they were my first girlfriend’s (and only significant romantic interest prior to meeting Eileen) favorite band. I didn't appreciate them that much, for they were a bit melancholy for my tastes then, and still are. I can remember her getting a bit obsessive over Every Breath You Take and going to Joe Louis with her to see them in concert in the summer of 1983, her dancing alone (I'm a klutz on the dancing front) in the back aisle to Everything She Does is Magic. I was enjoying her enjoying the concert more than I was enjoying the concert, which might have been a signal; that melancholy that she appreciated more than I showed through in her emotional life; we broke up as a romantic item shortly after school started that fall. I'm not sure if it is a great comparison, but I'm comparing Sting to Rich Mullins in my mind. Mullins' had a similar moodiness, yet was comforted by God; the loneliness of Sting's music is there, but it offset by a hands-on, comforting God. Sting might have reflected the mildly depressed me prior to conversion, while Mullins spoke to the mildly depressed me being comforted by the Holy Spirit. That's one of the advantages of Christian music; while secular musicians can speak to the heart (Kenny Loggins was another artist that hits home to me) they don't typically speak to the spirit. [Update 8:20AM-If I recall correctly, Amy Grant released her first album in 1978, making her Rock Hall eligible next year. As a pioneer of modern Christian Contemporary music, she might be a viable candidate for induction. If some obscure but influential punk bands get nods, why not her? Yes, I know why not, the average rock aficionado isn't paying attention to the Christian stations, even if more people listen to her over the years than Elvis Costello or the Clash.]

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