Monday, November 25, 2002

PolĂ­tica Izquierda-How come I smell a strong whiff of Hugo Chavez in the incoming Ecuadorian leader Lucio Gutierrez? Another left-leaning former coup leader gets elected president.
"Colonel Gutierrez doesn't have an economic plan," Mr. Noboa said in one televised ad. "So when the people demand jobs, houses, unemployment bonuses, he'll turn into a dictator and give them bullets, bullets and more bullets." Mr. Gutierrez has denied the accusations, calling Mr. Noboa a "little liar." "I'm an ex-military man without any doctrinaire leftist formation," he said in an interview with the Associated Press. "As an ex-military man, I have a philosophy of service to the poor, to the neediest."
I don't think Chavez has a "doctrinaire leftist formation," either. Things aren't looking good in South America, as two more leftists (remember Lula down in Brazil) are adding to the problems in the south.

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