Monday, November 04, 2002

Political Musings-Don't get Jesse mad-he just gets even. Ventura just named fellow blue-collar libertarian and former Reform party (now Jesse's Independence Party) Senate nominee Dean Barkley to fill the rest of Wellstone's term. That might give the Republicans an extra vote for organizing the Senate. A Jim Talent win might make the lame-duck margin Chaffee-proof. Thing are looking good elsewhere. The Wellstone funeralpep-rally back-lash has put Coleman back in the lead (it's from that Republican outfit called Minnesota Public Radio, so consider the source), and Ruffini does the first recorded fisking of a poll, going after Zogby's internal data in the Missouri race. If those numbers hold up and Sununu can hold on in New Hampshire, we might see a Republican Senate in 2003 as well. Look out for an upset in my backyard. Karen Thurman's Orlando-area seat's in danger, and the Republicans are running some effective ads, pointing out some anti-senior votes she had (Republicans can play "scare granny," too) while using a rather unflattering picture of her in the process. Look for Ginnie Waite-Brown to knock her off tomorrow.

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