Monday, November 25, 2002

Pizza Purgatory-Interesting Bleat about pizza delivery Hades. Be a man, sir, and tell wifey-pooh that you have a good pizza joint that does the job. By the way, the Bird’s supposed to say “pa-pa-pa-u -ma-mau-mau.” I can't vouch for the wait time, but Papa John's tends to do a better bang for the buck than Pizza Hut or Dominos for deliveries. I've yet to be impressed with a Domino's pizza, although the stuff we had at our Spiritual Life Committee meeting last Wednesday was solid. Monahan's a good guy, but his pizza's only average. Pizza Hut's solid but pricey; not bad if someone else is picking up the tab. Often, you're better off finding a good local store that doesn't have the franchise overhead. Back in Midland, there was a Good Times pizza that made Domino's quality at 60% of the price-they'd have people lined up out the door for their $2.99 medium pepperoni Wednesday special. Here's my quick-and-dirty at-home pizza method-just use bread dough as your crust; you can buy a three-pack in the frozen food section, just remember to get it out in the morning, put the dough in a zippable bag and put in fridge to thaw. One loaf's worth will make four solid adult pieces, good for four small or two big-eatin' adults (or one trencherman). Spread out dough to proper thinness; I tend to get something more oval than round, given the cylindrical shape the dough starts in. Add garlic and onion powder to top of dough before adding toppings for a special touch that most people like. Add pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and toppings of choice; I'm partial to pepperoni and ground beef (if I have some ready to go, pre-browned bovine flesh pebbles in the freezer's a great tool). Put in oven at 400 for about 8-10 minutes and you've got some simple good eats.

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