Sunday, November 24, 2002

People's Choice-The traditional right-of-center People's Party picked up market share in today's Austrian elections, getting 42% of the vote and becoming the clear senior partner in a center-right government. They picked up 16% from their 1999 totals at the expence of the nationalist/nativist Freedom Party, who went down to 10% from their 27% haul of 1999. The Euroweenies can brag that the "neofascists" were beaten back, but it might also be that the People's Party might have tacked to the right to pick up the Freedom Party, sorta like the Republicans absorbing the Wallace Democrats in the 70s. Governing to the right might have helped the PP to get the conservative votes that had went to the Freedom Party; prior to this, they had typically been part of a center-left coalition with the Social Democrats.

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