Sunday, November 24, 2002

The Ol' Cover-up-Interesting comments from Mr. Collins on the Princess Haifa story and whether the US knew about the connection and was keeping it quiet to appease the Saudis. It's always cheap commentary to ask "Did the US know and, if so, when did they know it?" The answer is typically "about the same time we all did." With the Saudi royal family so large (something like 250 grandchildren of the original King Saud, IIRC) it would be surprising if there wasn't a handful of al Qaeda sympathisers in there. However, you don't do things on conjecture-to alter our relations from chilly business partners to adversaries. Someone's going to have to deliver the goods of actual direct financing of anti-American terrorism (as opposed to just financing the madrassas that are the spiritual breeding grounds of the jihadists) before Powell and Co. will declare Riyadh "the Kremlin of terror."

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