Monday, November 11, 2002

Morning Musings-We're down to a clean two undefeateds in the college ranks, as Oklahoma and Bowling Green (as if they had a shot at a BCS bid) got beat over the weekend, leaving Ohio State and Miami the only ones without a loss. Michigan and Virginia Tech could throw a monkey-wrench into this, giving us the now-classic scenerio of a lone undefeated and three or four one-loss teams making a case for the #2 spot. The pros were interesting this week; my flyer pick of the Lions fell flat on its face in the Spudlets game, but the Blogistas got past Pigskin this weekend, moving them back into playoff position. Iraq's thinking about the UN proposal. I don't see them outright saying no, that isn't Saddam's style over the years; that would make the invasion too easy. They're buying time and might opt to buy a few days by saying that they will comply and then renig later on small details to try and wedge the US from the Euroweenies. Don't expect much more posting today-after my 10AM class, I'm off to EPCOT with Eileen and my family, who's down from Michigan for the week. Prayer request-Eileen left her teaching job two weeks ago; trying to run herd over a bunch of malbehaved eighth-graders and getting meetinged to death as well was too much for her. She's been able to use the last week-and-a-half to organize the apartment and rest up emotionally, but she's now back in job-hunting mode; pray for wisdom of how to use her English and Christian Education background to good use- working in a senior center in some sort of activities-coordinator position is one product of brainstorming.

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