Saturday, November 09, 2002

Morning Musings-Successful day yesterday, as we finally got new bedroom furniture and an entertainment center in; now the apartment isn't furnished in Early American College Student. The keyboard and monitor are still on a card table for the moment, but we've got an order in with Santa to fix that. Santa (a.k.a. my parents) is coming to town, though. My parents, my sister, niece and nephew flew into Orlando yesterday and are due in to visit this morning. My brother-in-law is due in this afternoon. They had a Orlando trip to take niece Jessica to see Disney et. al. planned before I got my Warner Southern job. So, Eileen and I are looking forward to meeting little Tyler, who was born in September, for the first time. We had dinner last night over in Lakeland with the parents of two guys who have been in singles Bible studies with me in Midland, one in the late 80s and one in the last few years. Never met them before, but when they heard that we had moved down to Winter Haven, their mom called us and invited us over. We had a nice dinner, good conversation and a properly vicious game of Uno; seeing a couple of 70-somethings get juiced over a well-played Draw Four makes old age seem not as worrisome. Updated my Bio page just now-lousy formatting. Seen in squad car in Lakeland last week-"Bad Cop! No Donut." Got two wierd Google hits, one for "Atomic Wedgie"-(yes, I used that in my AgEcon Noir epic, The Big Cheese) and one for "Pricing Nikkei Put Warrants"-I don't have anything to offer on the site, but that was my dissertation topic. We're now seeing the change of seasons. The High 90 Low 70 pattern of the last five months has changed to a High 80-Low 60 norm; I even had to trot out a sweater to wear to work Thursday. The other change of season is some new fauna in Central Florida; not only has some geese shown up for winter, but the Snowbirds are starting to arrive. My commute down to work on US-27 has been complicated by grandpas and grannies with northern plates (so far- good drivers but a bit slow), and the restaurants are filling up with a lot more gray-hairs than normal. We made a foray into Publix on our way over to dinner in Lakeland at the strip mall that has our favorite Lakeland eatery, Plantation Cafe; the gray-hairs were backed up outside waiting to get in. That place might be like the old Yogi Berra line; it's so crowded, no one goes there any more.

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