Friday, November 29, 2002

Morning Musings-Now this is suppressing the vote, gunmen shot up a poling place for the Likud primary yesterday, killing 6. Sharon seems to be crusing to a 60-40ish win over Netanyahu. They're now exporting autoboomers; there was an attack in Keyna, where three autoboomers did in 15 people at a hotel popular with Israelis in Mombasa and a plane heading back to Israel was fired at with a missile (it missed). Sharon's ticked, he's ready to do the remake of Unforgiven. Do we go from flying the frendly skys to filing the freindly Chapter 11? Looks like United might go the way of the dodo without some labor concessions. We've got some sickly airlines and I've got a bad feeling that the $10b in bailout money is going to get wasted. I'd have liked it better if the Piston had been able to do this, but the Mavs finally lost yesterday to Indiana, falling to 14-1 and falling one short of Houston's 15-0 start back in '93.

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