Saturday, November 30, 2002

Morning Musings-Nebraska finished 7-6 after losing to Colorado yesterday, which is their worst season in decades. Give Baggy-Slims his props for calling the Huskers' demise early. The Pistons keep winning ugly, but there were two interesting things in last nights box-score. The first was another "DNP-Coach's Decision" by Michael Curry's name and the 13 points made by new starting small forward Tayshaun Prince. The torch might have been passed, but the fresh Prince's butt was singed by Rick Carlisle for his lack of defense-they only held the Bucks to 91. Look for the media to play up Anti-Death Penalty Day-too many good liberal protestor shots to ignore. It's blood-feud day down here as Florida and Florida State lace 'em up this afternoon up in Tallahassee. We could see a 8-5 BSC club in FSU if they lose today. We're starting to see weather down here that looks like fall. We've had lows in the 40s the last two days, with areas an hour north of hear getting frost. I'm almost nostalgic for the 90 degree days this summer.

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