Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Midday Musings-Looks like SD went to Johnson in a late surge-he has a 500 vote lead. Thune-Daschle 2004, anyone? Johnson could run on being a reasonable Democrat who got along with the President on many issues, but Daschle can't say that. That still leaves the Republicans with 51 seats, possible 52 if Louisiana goes their way, a Chaffee-proof majority. The October Suprise never materialized, but we could have a November Whuppin' in its place. The US has badgered the French on board a disarm-or-else resolution on Iraq; now comes the Russians. If Putin proceeds to play hardball on this, it could doom Russia into becoming a third-world country, for any goodwill that existed with the US would be shot. The BBC's riffing on the Yemeni Predator kill, compairing it to the terrorist targeting of the Israelis. It's still against US policy to assisinate people, but this tippy-toes that line.

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