Thursday, November 07, 2002

Mahatma Hussein? Not!-Saddam's getting nervous about a possible invasion and is pulling out the rhetorical stops. Making allusions to Hitler is typically over the top, but this Saddam whopper is a classic Big Lie that Goebbels would have been proud of
"Any just position by the world against the evil wishes of these countries will not be in the interest of Iraq alone but also in the interest of the countries of the world... If these two American and British administrations are able to achieve their wishes, the world would see a new law, which is the law of evil based on power and opportunity rather than law, love and justice."
A better fisker than I could have a field day with that last sentence, pointing out that the Baathist regime is the one based on power and opportunity and that the US and Britain are far closer to being lawful, loving and just than he is. I'm not quite in the mood to have at that steaming pile, so I'll nominate Chris Johnson to do that one justice.

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