Sunday, November 24, 2002

Kesher Conservatism?-This piece from Judith Weiss over at Kesher Talk points out the dillema that Republicans have getting the Jewish vote, especially the more secular-leaning Jew. There's a well-earned fear of the pre-Warren court public schools that were generically Protestant and of a lot of earlier bigotry. This helped drive Jews into the Democratic camp along with other ethnic and racial minorities. By the 60s, the Republicans had the stereotype as the middle-class WASP party and the Democrats were made up of minorities and unions. Catholics have started to swing over towards the Republicans, but the Jewish vote remains elusive. I'll post this paragraph from Ms. Weiss' column overnight and get to it tommorrow
In short, Jews will vote for whichever group aligns with our deepest desires for a just compassionate society and lasting security for individual rights (including freedom of worship, assembly, conscience, speech, etc., which in turn guarantee our survival as a distinct ethno-religious group). Is this the Republican agenda? You decide.
More than Ms. Weiss thinks.

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