Sunday, November 24, 2002

Kerry is So Very... Nominatable-This was an interesting poll of 312 Democratic National Committee Members (other bloggers have had this story, but Girl on the Right lays out the stats well), where John Kerry trails Gore by 19%-18%, with John Edwards at 13% and Dick Gephardt at 10%. I wondered who would be staffing the Iowa country offices for Kerry-I think I may have found a few. As Gore leans so far to the left that he can lick the floor, their might be a desire among the Democratic faithful to find a alternative that is liberal but electable. When asked whether Gore should run, the responce is 48-35 No. Edwards is too Southern and Gephardt too old liberal for the party rank-and-file, but I think Kerry might be able to catch that liberal vote. It would keep the Democrats from having a Mondale/McGovern style flame-out and losing three of four extra Senate seats in the process.

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