Monday, November 18, 2002

Hell Freezes Over Every Winter-They had the first good ice storm of the season in the northern US yesterday; the little burg of Hell, Michigan (roughly between Detroit and Lansing) gets more than its share of photography when it happens; here's a nice snapshot courtesy of Mean Dean blog-sitting for Bene Diction. They don't get shots of Paradise (eastern UP) or Nirvana (western UP) freezing over. We're having our first real cold snap here; however, central Florida’s idea of a cold snap feels more like late September in Michigan than mid November. A constant cold rain (as opposed to the short but hard thunderstorm) hit Saturday; our day trip to the Holy Land Experience with my family was postponed while the ladies of the clan went shopping while the men baby-sat and watched football (sounds too stereotypical, no?). Yesterday felt like Midwest football weather, low sixties and windy; it was the first time I've had to get out my sweatshirt or turn the heater on in our apartment; trooping around the park yesterday in the blustery but clear weather yesterday afternoon had me longing for the sauna weather of a month ago. With temperatures in the 60's, I actually got to wear a sweater to class today. Once my parents get back to Michigan, it'll be time to pull out the industrial-strength weather schadenfreude; a blustery 60 beats the heck out of a snowy 25.

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