Sunday, November 24, 2002

Football Musings-Ohio State punched their ticket to Tempe with a 14-9 win over Michigan. This time, field-goal kicking wasn't the problem for Michigan; taking care of business in the red zone was. Washington State played their way out of a possible trip to Tempe with a triple-OT loss to Washington. WSU still has the inside track to the Rose Bowl if they can beat UCLA in two weeks. For a life-long Big Ten fan, the concept of "settling for the Rose Bowl" is oxymoronic, but that is the position that WSU and Iowa are in. Right now, it looks like Iowa and Notre Dame have the two at large BCS spots; but Notre Dame still has to beat USC next week to clinch that. I don't know who has the first pick of teams, but would the Rose Bowl go with Iowa to preserve a Big 10-Pac 10 matchup or go with the Irish and all the subway alums? The other wildcard might be the Orange Bowl picking Florida if they can sneak into the top 12, thus possibly leaving a third-ranked, 10-1 Iowa Citrus-Bowl bound.

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