Saturday, November 09, 2002

Assume the Position-It ain't perfect, but they got a decent resolution on Iraq out of the UN Security Council; the Cliff’s Notes version of which is "let the inspectors look at whatever the want whenever they want to without restrictions or else." The key downside is that it's vague about what the "or else" is. It's vague enough to keep the French and Russians happy while giving the US and Britain the ability to go in if they fail to fully accept the inspection plan. However, there is a lot of diplomacy yet to be played; when (I assume Saddam won't assume the position) the Iraqis aren't compiling, then the US can point to the section that a cease-fire is based on Iraq complying with inspections. The Euroweenies will say "Hey, who says you get to attack now?" and Dubya and Tony will say "Effectively, you did in that resolution." Bush has to back it up with resolve, to show the world he means business.

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