Monday, November 25, 2002

Alleged-Euroweenie for "Inconvenient fact"-The BBC is trying for the Reuters' Award for Creative Language here in a piece on the left-leaning Roh Moo-Hyun, who has edged ahead of the conservative Lee Hoi-chang in the South Korea presidential race
South Korea's current "sunshine" policy of engagement with the North has been put under severe strain by Pyongyang's alleged admission that it has a nuclear weapons programme. Mr Roh, 56, supports the continuation of exchanges with the North, despite such revelations, whereas Mr Lee has called for financial aid and economic exchanges to the North to be halted until its alleged nuclear programme is dismantled.
OK, last I checked, North Korea has admitted it has a nuclear program. You save the word alledged for cases where the facts are in contest, as for defendants at a trial; however, if the perp has confessed and isn't claming the confession was forced, the modifier isn't needed. The existence of a nuke program runs counter to the pro-Roh tone of the article, so the Beeb writer seems to use "alleged" in order to make Lee's stance less credible.

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