Friday, November 15, 2002

Afternoon Musings-.Another big piece of excrement has hit the fan in Israel; someone shot up a Friday night Sabbath service in Hebron, killing 11. Islamic Jihad's saying "Yassir, that's our handiwork." I don't remember a orthodox worship service being shot up before, this might prompt more than the now-standard IDF road trips into West Bank hot spots. Many portions of the Blogosphere have been roasting Spotted Al slowly over a mesquite flame for his advocating a single-payer national insurance plan a la Canada. However, the best version of Gore flambe comes courtesy of David Frum; the refugee from the Great White North shows from experience why we don't want it down here. By the way, give Frum's diary/blog a bookmark Argentina just defaulted on its foreign debts, paying the interest but not the principal on loans due yesterday. They have an energy mess that makes Gray Davis look like a financial mastermind and an economy that is diving so fast it's getting the bends. More on that tomorrow. We've got some sort of al Qaeda "big fish" in custody. We'll see how big a fish story this is later.

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