Tuesday, November 12, 2002

3/4 Bush, 1/4 Powell- Josh wants me to chow down on some crow now that Bush got a resolution through the Security Council, but I'm not sure if Bush got all of what he wanted; maybe a breast and a drumstick only is what I'm slated for. This was a good but not a great accomplishment in that consequences of non-compliance were not laid out. Giving the UN the middle-digit salute on this one will confirm that Iraq is in breach of the cease-fire agreement of 1991, according to the latest resolution. However, it did not specifically authorize military force. The US and Britian (and anyone else willing to join in the "fun") will apply it as such, but the Euroweenies will she-dog and moan that they didn't sign off on an invasion. Thus, you'll have the left wing of the Anglospherian media recycling their two-decades-old caricatures of Reagan, casting Bush as the unilateralist trigger-happy cowboy. There was just enough multilateralist lingo to get the thing through the UNSC and just enough ambiguity to give the left some grumbling room. It might have been the best the State Department could do, as France and Russia may have been unwilling to sign off on a clear authorization of force. Foggy Bottom might have had its fingerprints on it, but the bottom line is that we have indirect UN cover for an invasion, and that puts a bit of crow meat on the plate.

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