Saturday, October 19, 2002

TGIS Musings-I'm done with one of the busiest weeks I've had in a while, with 21 scheduled hours of classes (7 of it today) compounded by a flu bug early in the week. I've got the same schedule next week, minus the flu bug and minus the exam grading that kept me extra busy at the end of the week. The new chess champion, Vladimir Kramnik, did his John Henry thing and fought the computer chess champ, the German-designed Deep Fritz, to a draw. The implication I take is that Kasparov's whupping by Deep Blue wasn't a fluke; the chess computers have game. This doesn't mean AI is around the corner, but that a good expert system in an area where the variables are fairly controlled (such as chess) can do as well as a human. Nice fisking of a Universalist peacenik over at Joel Fuhrmann's digs; there are upsides to some wars that can cause good rather than just stop evil-go thou and readest. Nice set of Blog Proverbs over at Bene Diction's from himself and others-you could have corrected my typos from the comment, Bene. Here's how I should have typed them.
Comments Sections are like a box of chocolates; you're never sure what you're gonna find." "It is better not to post and have people think you a fool then to post and remove all doubt."
Or is that "It is better not to comment and have people think you a lousy speller then to comment and remove all doubt." I remember this T-shirt I saw a few years ago
I am a programmmer I am a programer I am a proggrammer I write code.

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