Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Taking the Bull(s---) By the Horns-Interesting little piece on a flap surrounding Steve Largent, a normally squaky-clean evangelical who's running for Oklahoma governor; his responce to a overly-agressive question included a common barnyard explative and giving a proper appology afterwards. This might actually help him, as odd as it sounds. One, the question surrounding his congressional staff issuing a 9/11 responce "from him" while he was incommunicado on a hunting trip comes across one of those all-the-tact-of-a-Sherman-Tank reporter things. Two, this might make him look a bit less of a goody-too-shoes to more-secular swing voters. This reminds me of when Jimmy Carter was quoted in late 1979, when Ted Kennedy was ahead in the primary polls, that he would "whip Kennedy's a--." There were two surpises there at the time; that Mr. Baptist Sunday School Teacher would have such colorful language in his working vocabulary and that he believed that he would win (which he did).

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