Thursday, October 17, 2002

States 51-53?-Patrick Ruffini's advocating annexing Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, citing a March piece of mine (now that's research!) for backup. However, only Alberta's a reliably conservative province. BC is a swing province that acts a bit like Washington state; they replaced a NDP (think housebroken Green Party) government with a Liberal one recently, backing up Ben Kepple's comment. While I don't recall Saskatchewan’s provincial legislature, there is a soft spot for the NDP there as well. The prairies have an anti-establishment streak that can manifest itself in don't-tread-on-me conservatives or left-populists. It would be interesting if the poll Ruffini cited asked whether they would want their province annexed as opposed to Canada as a whole. If you annexed Canada as a whole, the American system would tilt to the left. If you annexed the Canadian west, the US would be tilted a bit to the right. I think Albertans and BCers would be open to being part of the US if it meant trading their Canadian identities for more take-home pay. Bringing at least part of Canada into the US would bring the added benefit of the NDP becoming a model for the American Greens of winning a few liberal hot-house districts and drawing votes away from the Democrats. The Alliance party would fit into the GOP very nicely, while the Conservatives would either turn into RINOs or defect to the Democrats. The next step would be to wait 'til the end of the decade; a continuation of Liberal rule might make such a deal feasible.

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