Monday, October 07, 2002

Sports Musings I-College Football at the 3/8ths Pole. At this point, there are too many permutations to figure out a clear path to the national title. At this point, we’re looking at the Texas-Oklahoma winner getting dibs on one spot in the Fiesta Bowl if they can run the Big 12 table. The Miami-Virginia Tech winner can say the same, although Miami’s schedule with both Florida State and Tennessee is a bear. If no one comes out of the Big 12 or Big East undefeated, Georgia has a shot of coming out of the SEC, but games against Tennessee and Florida will not be picnics. Once again, the Big Ten’s out of the championship loop unless Ohio State runs the table. Oregon’s the only undefeated Pac 10 team , and NC State has a zero in the loss column, but I don’t expect them to run the table. Next weekend has a surprisingly important game-Notre Dame at Air Force. The Irish have three toughies left with Florida State, USC and Air Force; if they run the table, they could easily be Fiesta bound. Air Force is the Great Mid-Major Hope; they could be the first non-BCS conference team to make a major bowl if they beat Notre Dame and run the table, but being in the Mountain West will keep them out of the top two in all likelihood. Predictions for the big 4 Bowls Fiesta-Miami (12-0) vs Ohio State(12-0) Sugar Florida (10-3) vs Texas (12-1) Rose- Oregon (11-1) vs Notre Dame (11-1) Orange- Florida State (9-3) vs Virginia Tech (11-1)

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