Tuesday, October 29, 2002

PQ Leaving the Scene PDQ?-Interesting National Post piece on the meltdown of the Parti Québécois, as party leaders are frustrated at not being able to effectively pursue independence. There is a large independence sentiment in Quebec, but not quite a majority. If the PQ run on separatism and keep failing to deliver, they then need to focus on actually running the province. What's left is a marginally functional statist politics that needs a good counter; IIRC, the Liberals were running a tad to the PQ's right on economics in the last election. This might bode well for the Canadian right, as a free-market Francophone party, Action Démocratique, is now leading at the polls. We saw the local Conservatives wither into the weeds, effectively merging with the Liberals when Jean Charet defected. Could we see the day where the fight is between AD and the Liberals, with the PQ becoming the party of the Francophone left, the NDP of Quebec? The second question is whether AD will start to be a player on that federal level, sending some small-c conservatives to Ottawa? Could a Alliance/AD coalition government be in the cards down the line? This makes a viable anti-Liberal coalition a bit more plausible.

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